The cost of poor leadership and management skills

Would you board a plane knowing that it was piloted by someone who was not fully qualified? Would you get treatment from a dentist who had not met all the exacting standards set out in their training? Or how about using a lawyer who had never passed the exams. Unlikely to put it mildly! But companies routinely give management roles to people who have had little or no training whatsoever in how to lead and manage people at work. And the consequences? Angry and disillusioned employees coupled with results that could be so much better. So why does it continue to happen?

There are a number of reasons for this outrage. Companies know that the consequences of poor supervision and management are muddied by all the other things that are going on in the organisation. This makes it hard to pin down as a direct cause. Furthermore, the situation has likely being going on as long as the organisation existed, and it requires a big commitment to change. Couple this with the probability that many senior managers might feel uncomfortable being surrounded by more junior employees who know more than they do about how to lead and manage and you can see the problem.

A number of things have to happen if Britain is going to improve its dreadful productivity and create a more affluent society for all. Key amongst them is that organisations have to start taking management skills seriously. In addition, young and ambitious managers within the workplace have to start demanding a whole new approach to investment in skills development. Without competent managers who know how to apply the skills essential to their craft we shall inevitably sink further and further down the world league tables for productivity.

In the meantime ambitious or potential managers would be well advised to start building their own skills- it could be a long wait if you are relying on your employer.

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