The life-changing power of keeping a journal

As the new year approaches, many people will be giving some thought to the changes they want to make in their lives. My own experience is that there are a few things that you can do that really will make a difference when you are trying to make big changes in your life or grow professionally.

Right at the top of the list is to keep a journal in which you write down all of your personal and professional goals, together with your plans as to how you will realise them and the notes you make about progress. Your journal becomes a living record of your thoughts, plans, actions and learnings. It doesn't need to be beautifully presented - it's a working document after all. But the process of writing down what you learn, what you want, how you are going to make it happen and how you are getting on is immensely powerful.

The suggestion may seem a little odd. Keeping a journal is not something that I believe is taught in school or generally at home, and I suspect that very few people do it. But I am absolutely sure that those who do keep and use a journal are amongst the highest achievers in our society. I urge you to start today, however strange it may seem.

Remember that habits take a few weeks to form and you may well have to force yourself to use your journal for the first few weeks. So why not share your plans with a wise friend in order to gain extra support? Once you are up and running I think you too will be hooked!

I have been fortunate enough to see the results amongst many of those that I have worked with in the past and who have been smart enough to adopt the idea in their lives. Many of them have gone on to achieve amazing results with their careers, despite very modest beginnings in some cases.

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