Three things you won't hear weak managers saying...

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Many workplace managers and leaders are afraid of confronting their own problems. There is a certain belief that as they have been given the exalted title of manager, they should have all the answers and be infallible. With the big title goes superior knowledge and ability doesn't it?

Everyone knows that this can never be true, but still the illusion persists. But the truly confident manager or leader knows that, irrespective of his or her seniority, he or she is still going to make mistakes, find that he or she doesn't have the answers and needs help from others. Strong managers know that to pretend otherwise is silly and suggests that an individual is trying to cover over inadequacies.

The truly confident and assertive manager has no problem admitting that he or she is human, fallible and does not know everything. That's why only the confident are capable of saying three magic phrases that you rarely hear in the workplace:

  • I don't know

  • I was wrong

  • I need help

Weak people will try and gloss over failings and may struggle to admit when they are wrong. Strong people have a value system that is founded on integrity. That's why they are comfortable saying the three phrases.

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