These are recommendations based on either my own reading or feedback from others. Click on the link to see the relevant Amazon page.

Image of book 'The Effective Executive'

Title: The Effective Executive

Author: Peter Drucker

Subject: Effectiveness

A classic but highly readable book from one of the greats. Although the references are rather dated now, this book lays out clearly and simply the fundamental actions that the author believes you should take to be effective. If you only ever read one management book, make it this one! There is a real gem in there where Drucker is contemplating how to assess the capabilities of someone in managing people. He simply asks how would you feel if your son or daughter was working for this person. Brilliant!

Image of book 'The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People'

Title: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Author: Stephen Covey

Subject: Effectiveness

What makes this book great is the way it addresses values and principles as well as critical actions to make you effective. A very popular book and deservedly so.

Image of book 'The E-Myth revisited"

Title: The E Myth Revisited

Author: Michael Gerber

Subject: Business Effectiveness

A brilliant take on how to make a success of your business. Although aimed at small business owners the learnings apply equally to someone working in or running a large one. The chapter on working 'on' the business and not just 'in' the business is worth the price alone. I have given away more copies of this book than any other.

Image of book 'Assert Yourself'

Title: Assert Yourself

Author: Gael Lindenfield

Subject: Assertion

This relatively slim book is presented as a self help course for those who feel they need to improve their assertion skills. But it also delivers a compelling explanation of what assertion is.  Wisely, it starts by confronting the beliefs and values that underpin assertive behaviour and forces us to consider the differences between aggression, passivity and assertion. It then goes on to explain what to do in order to become an assertive person.

Image of book 'Hiring The Best'

Title: Hiring The Best

Author: Martin John Yate

Subject: Recruitment

A very well written book on how to recruit successfully. It covers the various interview methods and includes a whole raft of excellent questions designed to uncover the information that you need. An excellent guide- don't start recruiting until you have read it!

Image of book 'Effective Leadership'

Title: The Three Levels of Leadership

Author: James Scouller

Subject: Leadership

A comprehensive but readable book that explains how to grow your leadership presence, know-how and skill. It's quite intense but ideal for those looking to increase their understanding of leadership and develop their own capabilities.

Title: The Leadership Moment

Author: Michael Useem

Subject: Leadership

An entertaining book that highlights nine separate leadership stories that will both inspire and educate. The book also contains some excellent conclusions on leadership. This a great holiday read for those who want something a bit more useful than the usual paperback novel! Very well written.

Image of book 'Bold'

Title: Bold

Authors: Shaun Smith & Andy Milligan

Subject: Differentiating your business

An exciting and inspiring book that shows how being bold in business can really differentiate your brand or offer. The book focuses on 14 real businesses and explains, in interviews with the leaders of those businesses, what they have done to differentiate themselves. There is also a chapter of conclusions. Another great holiday read that makes you want to rush back to work and start changing the way that you do business! There is also an audio version of the book.

Imag of book 'Becoming a Category of One'

Title: Becoming a Category of One

Authors: Joe Calloway

Subject: Differentiating your business

A simple to understand and punchy book that explores how to make your business stand out from all the others that do exactly what you do. Nothing complicated here, just lots of clear and obvious lessons and illustrations about how you can stand out from the crowd, delight customers and create lasting value.

Title: Effective Leadership

Author: John Adair

Subject: Leadership

In this approachable book Adair sets out both the characteristics and skills that you need to become to be an effective leader, as well as how to develop leaders within organisations. Pleasingly, Adair does not believe in or advocate a 'silver bullet' when it comes to leadership, but the consistent application of sound and proven principles.

Image of book 'The DIY Investor'

Title: The DIY Investor

Author: Andy Bell

Subject: Investing & Financial Security

An excellent book on how to manage your money and invest for a secure future and financial freedom. Whilst being comprehensive and thorough, it's not a difficult read and is approachable and practical. Suitable for those with little knowledge of, or confidence in investing. Anyone who is serious about managing their money needs to read this.

Image of book 'The Business Of Being Social'

Title: The Business Of Being Social

Authors: Michelle Carvill and David Taylor

Subject: Social media for business

A practical guide for harnessing the power of social media for businesses. The book explains in clear and simple terms what the various opportunities are and how to go about making them work for your business. Written in simple language for the non-expert! An invaluable introduction and guide.

Other useful resources

The World Economic Forum. Their site contains a wealth of articles, many of which will be of interest to those keen to understand what developments are going on in the world around them. You can subscribe to a weekly email that highlights items of potential interest.

Article: 'Why teams don't work'.   Written by Diane Coutu and published in the Harvard Business Review.

An interesting and thought provoking article about the potential overuse of teams and the dangers that such overuse can pose.

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

The only chartered professional body dedicated to promoting the highest standards in management and leadership excellence. Their site contains a wealth of information and help, including how to obtain a professional qualification in management.

ACAS (The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service)

ACAS provides free and impartial advice to employers and employees on all aspects of workplace relations and employment law. They also provide training and advice to employers. The site contains a wealth of information and advice on workplace matters.

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