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If you want to become a great workplace leader and manager, or help those within your organisation to do so, this site is for you! The ability to lead and manage well at work has a massive impact both on the organisation's results and your individual success. However, people are often confused and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of sometimes contradictory subject material out there and don't know where to turn.


This site explains what workplace leadership and management is all about and shows you how to acquire the necessary capabilities simply but effectively. It covers:

  • The bedrock of good leadership - it's all about you!

  • The foundation stones of good leadership - four critical capabilities

  • The skills you need - to lead and manage well, day in and day out

The good news is that all the subjects are covered in simple terms and illustrated with examples that show you how to put the skills required into practice.

Why leadership and management skills matter

Would you board an aeroplane knowing that the pilots had not been meticulously trained and examined? Would you listen to a lawyer who was not professionally qualified? Would you employ an uncertified electrician? Of course not. So why is it that we find it perfectly ok to give someone managerial responsibility for others without the need for any training whatsoever? And it happens all the time, even in big, well respected organisations.

Poor leadership and management costs money

You might argue that managing people is not a matter of life or death, but then neither is being a lawyer. However, there can be little doubt that unskilled managers and leaders in the workplace cost their organisations a great deal of money. And that's true irrespective of whether their employer is a business or a not for profit service.


Your people - your responsibility

But there is in my view an even more compelling reason to insist that managers and leaders are properly skilled up; and that's because if they aren't, they are likely to make the lives of the people for whom they are responsible utterly miserable. You only have to take a cursory look at the plethora of research done on employee engagement to know that frighteningly few people have their hearts in the job. The result - demotivated employees and a massive loss of productivity for the organisation. More on this in the Employee Engagement section.

Acquiring management skills

You could wait a long time for your employer to adopt a systematic and effective way of training its managers. And even then it is likely that you are going to have to do a lot of the work on your own. By acquiring the necessary skills yourself you will become far more effective as a manager and leader. The result? Better performance, more job satisfaction, more respect from others, increased confidence and almost certainly career progression. And if you are an aspiring leader or manager, there is no better way to get the job you want by demonstrating that you already have a good grasp of the skills required. What are you waiting for?


In the meantime, the principals and directors of organisations must surely play their part in ensuring that their people have the skills necessary to lead and manage well.

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With many years of experience leading teams and companies to success, Rob knows how to help leaders and managers get the very best from their people, and so achieve significantly improved results.

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